Misunderstood intentions

A short time ago, I was an active member of an online development group for a company. They objected to how I communicated when trying to help somebody, so I stopped going to the help channel. I thought this would be the end of it but I was wrong

Sometime later I made a public comment to a lady developer sponsored to develop software for this company. The comment was "You are looking good! :) :)" which I thought was a harmless compliment. I was wrong again and was taken to task for this. They did not forget the past two alleged infractions and because of this last instance, I was removed (banned) from the online forum as well as removed from their GitHub which meant I could no longer contribute to their codebase. The reason they objected to this comment is that they said it used "sexualized language." I still do not see how they could interpret my comment this way and there was certainly no sexual intent meant in my comment.

It gets worse from here. Sometime later, after I had made a post to their support forums, I was locked out from being able to post new topics or reply to topics that I did not create. I still have not had any indication of why this was done but I suspect it had to be related to me being banned from the online forum. There is no reason for them to have done this. There should not be any connection between the support forums and the online forum. To my knowledge, I have never posted anything on the forums that was objectionable or violated their Code of Conduct. These support forums are the only avenue of getting product support for this company's products, so now I do not have any way to ask questions about technical issues I run into and can not resolve.

I have never posted anything on the online forum or the support forums that should be dealt with so severely. I handled the first two objections, or at least I thought I had, so these should have been forgotten. These two instances were still held against me and the comment I made was the last straw for them. I read their Code of Conduct and I do not see where I made an error in my communications.

When this company makes a decision to ban somebody, they go way overboard with their interpretation of their Code of Conduct. I have _*never*_ been banned from any online forum, so this really had a bad effect on me. I did not even do any tinkering that involved their products, which meant I did not do any tinkering at all, for several weeks after I was banned from the online forum. This was before I was locked out of posting to their support forums.